27 October 2009

NTLDR Missing!

Use the Windows XP Setup disks to restart the computer, or use the windows XP CD-ROM to restart the computer.

At the Welcome to Setup screen, press R to repair the Windows XP installation.

Press C to repair the Windows XP installation by using the Recovery Console.

Type the number that corresponds to the Windows installation that you want to repair, and then press ENTER. For example, type 1, then press ENTER.

Tye the Administrator password if you set it than press ENTER, if you don’t set the Administrator password just press ENTER.

Type map and then press ENTER. Note the driver letter that is assigned to the CD-ROM driver that contains the Windows XP CD-ROM

Type the following commands, pressing ENTER after you type each one, where drive is the drive letter that you typed in step 4:


copy drive:\i386\ntldr c:\

Press ENTER, then type

copy driver:\i386\ C:\

Press ENTER, if you are prompted to overwrite the file, type y, and then press ENTER

Note: drive that I told you maybe in E or D. So the code maybe like this

copy E:\i386\ntldr C:\

copy E:\i386\ C:\

Important, there is a space between the”ntldr” and “C:\” and between “” and “C:\”

Type the following command, and then press ENTER:

type C:\Boot.ini

A list similar to the following list appears:


If you receive the following message, the Boot.ini file may be missing or damaged:

The system cannot find the file or directory specified.

If the Boot.ini file is missing or damaged, create a new one. To do so, follow these steps:

Use a test editor, such as Notepad or, to create a boot loader file similar to the following boot loader file:


Save the file to a floppy disk as Boot.ini.

NOTE: If you used Notepad to create the file, make sure that the .txt extension is not appended to the Boot.ini name.

Type the following command at the Recovery Console command prompt to copy the Boot.ini file from the

copy a:\Boot.ini c:\

Type exit, and then press ENTER. The computer restarts.

-copy from ceciput-

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