12 August 2010

Welcome Ramadhan~

As always times flew so fast...
and yet i can still feel raya last year...and then with a zing of moment..sees ramadhan again this year ..

not because loath of ramadhan..
but time ticks so fast...
yet having so many things to accomplish..
(nasib baik puasa habis ganti...!)

(yet have not found my better half..quickly settle down and build own family..)
having kids..

not because of seeing few of my friends getting married..
because im not perfect and want someone else to be not perfect but yet support me..
feels nice to open your eyes every morning..and sees someone there..
my better half..

someone that sees me as a hero after cooking or cleaning up chores that i really lazy to do..
someone that appreciate me but not suit to be call "someone"
but should be proudly 
announce as 
..."the one"...

p/s: to all of you...happy ramadhan..~may Allah bless and urge everyone heart to make good deeds.
Personally i would like to say sorry if i ever hurt anyone tru this blog..happy ramadhan peeps!

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