17 December 2009

Racist masih menguasai Malaysia?

Fenomena fesbuk kan dah menjadi kegilaan Malaysia...teknologi baru tetapi minda yang masih di takuk lama...

As we all know...kebanyakkan dari kita still racist...even sesama melayu pun berpuak2 negeri masing-masing...

Tak semua la maksud saya...but then wujudnya sekolah-sekolah aliran-aliran tertentu jugak memainkan peranan....yela xkan sekolah agama ko expect bdak cina nak masuk belajar situ kan?tapi sekolah-sekolah jenis kebangsaan ni....

Plkn mmg ok...untuk satukan pelbagai bangsa...dulu time skolah xde timbul isu racist pun...sbb kitorg punya sekolah ade cina india rapat je...tak kisah pun...

Dan kepada bebudak cina di atas better show ur apology before something might happen at you...Setakat ni diketahui mereka adelah pelajar coz entech,UMT

-sumber BERNAMA-( ni dipetik dari fesbuk ye)


  1. haha u did not blur out her name, im sure alot of people will go facebook and look her up. I for once, will go look her up tonight, when i can access facebook. =)

    btw u r right, malaysians are still racist. but then the government is acting that way too with politician saying that chinese and indians are 2nd class citizens. I have no idea why do some politicians even bother to say so.

    So u can't really blame the students for thinking that way.

    It will definitely be a very long time before one malaysia will actually come true. but malaysia boleh. =) hopefully before i die. =.=

  2. Its a fact in Malaysia that there are ppl who are racist but there are nice ppl as well! i've seen indian + malay + chinese sitting at a mamak chatting happily before and its pretty awesome!

    ttg plkn tu, idea bagus la tapi gomen tak maintain pun, mampus la cam tu, yes2ns website pun takda lagi dah, byk wang wasted just like that....

    1 Malaysia Lol mestilah bermula dari pemimpin pemimpin kita tak kira umno ke mca ke mic ke atau opposition!!

    majulah untuk malaysia


  3. Good point on racism. ya tak ya, dulu i kat sekolah kebangsaan pun tak berapa kisah tapi masa I sekolah dulu ada cikgu yang mengajar muridnya memanggil orang lain yg berlainan bangsa dengan nama yang tak sedap didengar.

    Kadang kadang masalahnya bukan pelajar tetapi apa yang diajar kepada pelajar.

    Anyway back to this topic, it seems that to really so called erase this racism issues, the government should at least do something. Same like JunJun-Riko POV, government is still calling each other names which belittles race. Wonder when they can go grow up?

  4. Seriosuly WTF... Especially the way her friend comments. How the hell can the 1Malaysia concept works if younger generation act this way?

    I bet that girl will get some serious discipline action from the Uni.

  5. 1st question 1st. kenape orang cina or orang india taleh masuk skolah agama? pelik ke kalau orang cina ngn orang india blaja bahase arab? blaja pendidikan Islam? melayu tuh Islam ke? its the government who starts these racism.. think about it..

    i think its true Malay are ghosts.. and every other race for all i know..

  6. For me, I dint being racist based on race, but on particular groups of people. I have both Malay and Indian friends and they are great people I met.

    Personally, I believe we being racist because of negative perception on general behavior of races.

    Take a tour to Bukit Bintang area on Saturday night. There are groups of people formed by different races loitering around. Based on what you see, judge who you think is the 2nd class citizen. Then, you can understand how racist sparks.

  7. i think thiere will always be racism here in malaysia. yeah, government has been doing this and that to solve this problem but i dont think anything is working.

    it is either the government is too busy to concentrate on the racism issue or that the people of malaysia are just too stuck up.

    just like what joshuaongys said, 'gomen tak maintain'. They know how to build up a campaign but after sometime it just dies down.

    1Malaysia, yes. but what has the government done? just put up a slogan and hope that the citizens walk hand-in-hand? LOL!

    i still dont believe that wawasan 2020 will come anyhting soon. as the 9 CABARAN to achieve Wawasan 2020, well, its not easy to overcome that 9 cabaran.

    yeah, some people do mic around with other races. it's all in one's perspective on how you want to make friends.

    i guess it depends on one's personality as well.

    i really hope that Malaysia will be better in the NEAR FUTURE!

  8. this is normal..eventho already working, the situation obviously will come.

  9. it seems we have to communicate even more among races in Mlaysia...

    Even we say lembu to will offence indians...

    sorry i didnt blur out the names JunJun-Riko...infact i dun want to...

    btw...thx for commenting n as Malaysian i do look for peace and harmony...!!

    I luv Malaysia...
    -seek peace not war-

  10. peace no war..

    *tak tau nak komen apa nih..hehe

  11. any other comment?is this consider normal in Malaysia?

  12. syazzy2:39 pm

    Everyone need to change their way of thinking....I came from mix marriage, chinese and malay...I can't see any problem from that as long as everyone respect each other.....Eventhgh u hve problm wit sum1 from othr races does'nt mean that race is 'pig' or wat so ever.. problm can arise anyway even in fmily...
    In this fesbuk case, they shuld expct this kind of stuation b4 rgistration. evr1 knows IPTA have a lot of malay...if u know u won't like it..don't rgister...find IPTS which less malay in it....

  13. adeh. thats why im still wondering why people in semenanjung still thinking like that.

    we, sarawakians and sabahans do not encounter this type of problems. if there are, it can be negligible. im a malay, and it is not something weird to tell that i have lots of chinese friends. we enjoy working together... since we cherish our friendship more than our skin colour.

    i hope we can put aside the racist issues, so that we can work together and live a happy life :)

  14. Ace Lanun
    Ong Siang Ying December 17 at 1:09am Report
    I would like to apologize abt wat Iv said. The dislike i meant b4 is NOT dat i dislike malay people. Jz bcz my Bahasa Melayu isnt good so feel difficult to communicate wif malay -- this is actually wat I dislike. All is my fault. My Malay is not good. Plz let me emphasize dat I did not mean to hurt anyone... See More... See More’s feeling. I nv mean dat malay people not good. I’m sorry to who is hurt by the comment n sorry that Iv brought catastrophe to you all thru my unclear message. I promise it wont happen again! So, plz 4give me about my mistake. I’m sorry.....
    nie msg dr budak tu yg aku forward dr xperlu nk diperbesarkan lagi..dia dh menyesal..

  15. we will always have racism in this country as long as we have incompetent people running this country.

    look around girl, i think they have the rights to call them pigs, because: A. u get ur car fixed at a chinese workshop. B. u buy ur handphone from a chinese C. u borrow money from chinese people D. they own the malls u shop in

    its time for the other races to wake up and follow suit of the chinese and their $$ minded mentality.

  16. salty- well i think u juz offence me..eventho abt all ur excuses ABC..doesnt mean u or other people hv rights to call other people pig!

    chinese run the business man,so those other people..

    remember abt demand and supply...if we (malay) didnt buy things from would chinese survive?

    and think abt population..if we (malay) hentak or halau all those chinese...plz no more chinese in Malaysia not even with business minded..

    thx wif ur comment tho~

    p/s-but i think pigs are cute although they eat their own shit and others shit too

    tetibe rasa hangin wif chinese yg xberapa ade otak mau meniaga...heh sombong gila igt aku xde duit kah?

    p/s again -btw i love all my chinese frens...

  17. Good posting & also all the comments shows that most of us wants a united Malaysia. I agree with some comments that say racism will always exist. Even in the so-called leading nations like the US for example.
    I guess it is just human nature. What we can do is try our best to live together.

  18. In fact government plays an important role in this matter which they seems to be doing while it is not.

    Who will ever know it is actually the politicians who came up with all the diverting between races, resulting, we citizen are fighting among themselves, while the higher ups are enjoying the benefits from this for their business.

    Nonetheless, I do agree family and friends do influence a lot as well. Our generation should reverse all these mindset that had been set to us by the elder generation so that the next generation would live in harmony.

  19. haha nice post... And I agree with the commenters... Government should be responsible with this issue.. Actually there are lots of racist problems everywhere in the world.. It's all depends on how are we going to solve it... Introducing 1malaysia is definitely a good idea.. But the point is how are we going to make it really work...

    I personally not a racist.. In my opinion every race has its good and bad... As Malaysians we muz know how to fit ourselves in that. We are actually so lucky and unique to live together with different races.. which bring a lot of fun :D

  20. Anonymous12:05 am

    well.. the thing about government and MARA giving advantage to the malay and bumiputra is because in order for the chinese and indians to get the citizenship of this land(jus soli),MARA was established as an exchange for the bumiputra as they are willing to share the country and if one day MARA is fully taken over by non-bumiputra,the deal can also be off and the citizenship is no more

  21. well...1 Malaysia rite!congrats to all of Malaysians..We won gold medal!!

    Back to the topic...
    Tolerance is the main key point...
    I personally apologies if Malays had hurt other races.

    We (Malay) dOnt understand much abt other races..n when not understanding takes the 1st place...we often misinterpret things..

    We often label such racist as such term which we(malays) dun understand much abt the term itself n how it meant to other races..

    For now lets communicate more with all races in Malaysia and make least gaps between us!

  22. dia dah mintak maaf pon .......

    sbb saya cakap saya takkan tergak2 untuk buat laporan if this continuing...

  23. Anonymous9:42 pm

    At least dia dah mengaku salah.

    Tapi macam mana pula dengan ni --> "Dan kepada bebudak cina di atas better show ur apology before something might happen at you" dan " if we (malay) hentak or halau all those chinese...plz no more chinese in Malaysia not even with business minded.."

    Nampaknya akan susah nak capai 1Malaysia cam ni.

    PEACE ye.

  24. anonymous- haha it is juz a quick respond from myself..

    and i did apology tru my comments,
    plz it seems u had only read the MALAY part in my posting..


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