14 July 2010

Getting my feet on the ground~

sorry guys..
this entry will be such of heart pouring session..
(apekah nak mencurah hati ke atas blog??dah tade lelaki ensem boleh dicurahkan hati...curah sini sudah cukup..haha...)

for the few months,i think im not really stable emotionally,mentally and also physically..
i dun wanna live like this for the rest of my life..
it really torturing having some piece (or else i call it shit)
in my brain..

its annoying..
really annoying..
and i have to take care of myself..
and not forgetting people around me..

i know i've not been good friends,
good girlfriend..
good daughter..
good muslimah..
good worker..

as a person...
i dun feel good down there..
(oit down means in my deep down heart la)

slowly...i learned to make mistakes..
and overcome it..

slowly...i learned to blame..
and yet knowing. i also had to blame myself..

slowly ..i learned to make decision..
yet i know i had to make decision base on my feet on the ground..

my own feet..  

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